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Oral Exposition


The  murder of the tsar Nicolas II of Russia was a politic crime commited by the bolsheviks in 1918 for making sure that he didn't govern again Russia.

The 4th of July in 1918 taking as a reason the advance of the Checoslovak legion that could free the tsar's family, Filipp Goloshchokin who was the ruler of the soviets, went to Moscu and set out the murder of the tsar's family.

The crime

There were twelve men and there were asigned a victim for each member. Two of the men refused shooting a woman and one of them was replaced.

At midnight of 17th July the tsar's family was taken to the basement of the Ipatiev house where they were shot with some close servants and even the loyal doctor of the family. The excuse was that they were going to be photographed before leaving the house.
The tsar's family was possing but instead of a photo they were shot. Anastasia who fainted when they started shooting her family, recovered conscience, but she was killed by the hits made by the weapon of Ermakov, the one who killed Anastasia.
It was believed that Anastasia survived because she was killed after her family died so her body wasn't next to her family, but her body was finally found with the bodies of the family's closest servants.

 The tsar's family of Nicolas II

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