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The changing role of women in the 1920s


1.Why did the role of (some) women change in the 1920s?

Because of I World War  women began working while men were fighting, this made women to feel the sense of freedom and it was comfortable for them. Women also started to feel more independent.They finally had the right to vote. Some of them decided to start smoking, wearing make up, drink,wearing short skirts and high heels, drove automobiles even going to parties. They became known as flappers.

2.Analyse the following advertisement.

Advertisement for the Federal School of Commercial Designing (1917)
AMBITIOUS GIRL! Better sign up now, because the boys are all going "Over
There," and soon you'll have to support yourself. But don't worry: even a girl can
earn as much as a man, by becoming a graphic designer.

A.What is it about?

It's an advertisement that says that women should sign up as soon as possible to work as a graphic designer  while men are fighting at the war. Also says that women could earn the same amount of money than a men. Women were alone because men were at war so women had to support themselves while men were out.

B. Do you agree with the sentence ''even a girl can earn as much as a man''? Why?

I agree because we should be equal in that way, because it would be an injustice if women't don't earn the same as a men just for beeing a women but I think nowadays women don't earn as much money as a men because the work that realises a man it's ''better realise'' than a women's work, but why? because society still think that men made things better than women.

C.Do you think women should support themselves? Why?

I think so because women have to be independent because if men are at war women need to support theirselves while men are out. They also should have a job to mantain themselves and if they have children to take care of them by the money they earn with the job.

3. Are you ready to walk in someone else’s shoes? Imagine what it was like to
be a flapper in the Roaring Twenties. Choose a name, age, civil status, city,
economic class, job... and describe your daily routine on a Friday.

 I'm Coraline, I'm 21 years old my birthday was last week. I live in Dallas. 
I'm actually single waiting for someone to fall in love with. I have a fabolous life because I have the fortune to live in a rich family, so I had a luxurious life, also I love my family, dad it's a business man so he doesn't have much time to spent with me but it's okey this are the disadvantages of having a father that it's the owner of Ford, the cars company. And my mum well... She's kind of weird, she had many obssesions for example she hates alcohol she thinks that alcohol destroy families, cause inmoral behaviour and also made workers unreliable, the problem is that I'm a flapper which means that I like drinking alcohol and smoking , things that my mum hates, but I don't care about mum's obssesions I love her anyways but I have to keep in secret that I smoke and drink alcohol.
It's Fridray so I'm preparing my self for going out at night. I'm tired of working because today has been a hard business day at the clothes factory, but I'm excited about this night Lucy has said me that his cousin Alexander want to see me and this is a good guy to start a relationship with. I finished putting my make up on while my mum appeared at the room. She said me : ''You look fabolous, that short skirt really feats on you and those red high heels are really cool honey ! ''
Lucy arrived at my house about eight o'clock. Her cousin was standing next to her, he was so handsome...
-Coraline! Are you okey? Come on! We're going to be late! Said Lucy.
-Yeah,where are we going? I said while I go into the car.
-God are you really okey? How can you ask that? We're going at the same place like every Friday! We're going to a speakeasiy Caroline.
-Sorry, today has been a long day I'm a bit tired that's all.
-Okey....- Said Lucy smiling while she was driving. She can't believed that I had forgotten the place where every Friday both toguether went.

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