lunes, 11 de abril de 2016


In the speech he gave the 26th June in West Berlin in 1963, he gave support for all the Berliners, saying ''I'm a Berliner''. He felt that every single person from Berlin was suffering and having tough times, so with that words, he could give Berliners the hope they needed. He also spoke about peace: nobody could get it until Berliners got it; and also about communism: if anybody believed in that way of government, they should come and see Berlin. Because what the URSS had done wasn't fair for all those people who didn't deserve it. Also this speech was because of the 15th anniversary of the Berlin Blockade done by the Soviet Union, for making people to stop going to the capitalist part( the one which has more money and a better lifestyle). The berliners listen to the speech and they started to be more comfortable and also they received hope.

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